Learn theory and basic skills to start data preperation yourself in one day.

You understand that good data preparation is essential to start a process mining project. Better insights into your organisation’s processes can only be attained with a reliable event log. But where do you start? Your IT-colleagues have no time, data is more difficult to export than anticipated, and the data quality is sometimes subpar. When data is finally obtained: how do you draw meaningful conclusions? How do you know that results make sense?

Familiar? Then this training suits you perfectly.


During this introduction training you will learn the following:
  • what and who is required to successfully perform data preparation
  • how to coordinate a (simple) data-preparation project yourself
  • usage of different tools and techniques for data preparation
  • the basics of data modelling for a process mining project
  • how decisions during data preparation can impact the end result


Several practical cases and data sets are prepared for this basic training. This is the starting point for the data preparation exercises during the course. Participants can also bring their own data sets. During the morning we will discuss the basics and theory, in the afternoon we will apply the theory in practice. Participants have a quick-start with data preparation in practice. After this training you will know the most important principles, tips and tricks to successfully start with data preparation for a process mining project.


This in-company training is meant for professionals who are responsible for safeguarding the integrity and reliability of the data sets used for decision making. E.g. BI-employees, data analysts, data scientists, business analysts, process managers and owners, internal auditors, IT-auditors and compliance, finance, risk and QA employees.

Participants: max. 8

Duration: One day

Incompany rate: € 545 per participant [rates for larger groups on demand]

Participants use a local pc or their own laptop on which the process mining software of Fluxicon (Disco) can be installed on.

The functional aspects of reporting- and process mining tools are not part of this course. We refer to this training for these aspects.

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    After this familiarisation with data preparation you:

    • are able to make a basic event log
    • know the effect of decisions made during data preparation on the quality and possibilities of an event log
    • are able to make an assessment of which elements are relevant in an event log
    • know the key tips and tricks to guarantee reliable data